Ashgrove Energy Limited (AEL) the Oil & Gas Trading division of the group, is strategically positioned to take advantage of the trading opportunities in the oil and gas sector by leveraging the ecosystem of relationships, deep understanding of the markets & enabling local laws to create value for barrels being traded into, and out of the WAF region.

AEL is an accredited trading counterparty with several of the Majors and Large International Commodity trading houses, giving the company instant access to Global markets at competitive conditions.

AEL is experienced in trading across the barrel, including Crude Oil, Condensate, NGL’s , Gasoline, Gasoil , ATK and Base Oils.

A key component to remaining competitive is exposure to the freight market and ancillary support logistics to deliver barrels to Customers safely and within agreed lay cans.


Unlocking Value Through Insight and Agility

With market intelligence and strategic relationships, our traders capitalise on opportunities to optimise molecule movements in and out of the WAF region. Our team leverages real-time insights, logistics coordination, and customer collaboration to capture value across the entire supply chain.

Optimising Supply and Demand Dynamics

Our traders use their intimate knowledge of market forces, geopolitics, global trends and more to remain agile. By continuously analysing indicators from production forecasts to inventory levels, they gain an edge in balancing supply and demand. The team nimbly adapts trading strategies to align with ever-shifting market dynamics.

Building Lasting Partnerships

We forge trusted partnerships across the ecosystem to enable our shared success. Mutual growth with producers, marketers, and policymakers drives our ability to provide and source energy efficiently. By developing relationships at every step of the value chain locally and globally, we create a collaborative network that facilitates the seamless flow of resources. Our partnerships also allow us to identify emerging opportunities early and collaborate on new ventures.

Pioneering New Offerings

In addition to trading  crude oil and refined products, we pioneer innovative commodity contracts. Our team keeps a finger on the pulse of global energy trends. When they spot growing demand for a new resource like LNG or petrochemicals, we leverage our agility to quickly develop and launch trading solutions. . This spirit of innovation solidifies our position as adynamic energy trader.