From Startups to Scaleups

Ashgrove Investments Limited (AIL), the investment division of the group, seeks investment opportunities in Technology, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Agriculture and Renewables and sectors across the African continent.

The company operates as a Venture Capital fund, investing in early start ups /seed funding rounds, series A & B funding rounds, investing the group’s profits to further diversify the group’s portfolio outside of Oil & Gas.

AIL actively seeks synergies with target companies and leverages its network and management expertise to improve the Governance, Operations and Profitability of portfolio Companies.

AIL has already made several successful investments across multiple sectors, with additional projects under evaluation.

Seeding High-Potential Ventures

Our investment Analysts look for standout teams, breakthrough technology, and innovative approaches that are scalable globally. We conduct rigorous due diligence and provide financial  backing at critical growth stages, empowering founders to refine their operating models without excessive dilution.

Accelerating Scaleups

Our expertise and network enable promising ventures to gain traction, tap new markets, and accelerate expansion across Africa and the world. We utilise our operational excellence and market knowledge to help remove obstacles to scaling. Our teams also facilitate relationships with key partners, customers, regulators and other stakeholders globally to expedite scaleup success. 

Cultivating Synergies

We leverage Ashgrove Group capabilities to build up our portfolio companies, sharing our expertise and resources catalyse their growth. Startups gain access to an experienced management team, financial support and market access. These synergies speed up their development curves exponentially, amplifying their societal and financial impact. This collaborative model results in a win-win as the startup and Ashgrove jointly realise greater upsides together.

Investments Portfolio

Understand how and where we add significant value; we’re constantly refining our expertise and we’re super proud of our achievements to date.